About National Terrier Club

The history of the Club since 1903 through to current day

Established 1903

The Kennel Club granted the title for
 'National Terrier Club'

First Show

The 6th April 1903 was the debut show, with CC's available for Airedales, Wires, Smooth's, Irish, Scottish, Skyes, Dandie Dinmonts and Bedlingtons


The 1980's saw a general increase in the popularity of Dog Shows and Entries, and in 1986 Staffordshire Bull Terriers had 2 judges for the first time, Dogs and Bitches, attracting an increased entry of nearly 50% with a total entry of 307 dogs.


In 2011 the first 'Top Terrier of the Year' was held. An event designed to support the Regional Open Shows by hosting a final of BIS & BPIS winners. In 2022 the event became the 'Max King Top Terrier Competition'.

The 27th Breed

In 2016 National Terrier Club had the honour of scheduling the Jack Russell Terrier breed only days after became fully recognised by the Kennel Club. The entry was very well supported with exhibitors from all over the UK and Europe and the interest around the ring was something to remember and a credit to all concerned.

100th Show

The 100th Show held by the Club was in 2017 and as a special recognition of the history of the Club, Dr. Desiree Scott, an Archivist with the Kennel Club produced scrolls showing past Best in Show winners which were donated to the Club.